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Sunday, March 7, 2010


Last time I wrote specifically about what makes our company a little different than our peers. Today, as I was attempting to write a short description of our company for some advertisements the concept of VALUE kept coming back to the forefront.

Weddings are expensive. I am as guilty as the next guy/girl of wanting my wedding day to look, sound, and feel perfect. That means flowers, lighting, and great music. If you are looking for those elements, absolutely go visit my friends at However, if you've already found them, and are simply looking for the photo/video companies to capture them for you, please consider the following.

I hear a lot of short intakes of breath after I announce our starting package price to an Inquiry. He or she is often hoping to pay half of what we ask. When there are companies out there only asking $1000 for their base package, why would you pay $1900?

There is value in simple documentation of your wedding day (most $1000 packages will be a single camera, with minimal editing). As a creator of Family History Videos, I know how valuable having video from major events is. I'm working on a Family History Video right now, and have access to old home movies of my client's grandparents entering their wedding reception. It is priceless! AND it is only a 10 second clip with no sound. However, this value is felt by future generations, not necessarily by YOU, the paying client. You want to avoid becoming one of those couples that say, "yeah, we got a wedding video, but we never watch it." Until someone like myself steps in 50 to 100 years from now to use this archived video it will have been a waste of your $1000.

Just look at our testimonials page, and you'll see that our Wedding Movies get watched! Over and over again! And in today's digital era, you can share it with your friends online and they will watch it too! I sent about four hours of different weddings to an Inquiry the other day, and she called back to say, "I watched all of them! Other people's weddings, and I couldn't turn them off!"

We also send two cameras to our preparations and ceremonies in our base package. Most companies have a single camera option. We do not. Why would I deny you the client a choice that is so popular? I've lost a lot of jobs because I don't offer that option. Am I a terrible business man? Have I failed to understand the needs of my client base? No, I don't think so. What I understand after more than ten years in the business is there is a gap between what you think you need, and what you do need. Yes, a shot of you giving your vows is a fantastic, priceless thing to have. Add to that a shot of your sister looking over at your mom, and then back at you, then shedding a tear. OH MAN! WHAT JUST HAPPENED? That second camera was able to truly tell the story of what was going on during your ceremony.

What else is that second camera doing? For one, it's getting shots of the groom. With one camera coverage, the industry go-to shot is an over the shoulder of the groom, with the focus being the bride shot. That's only half the story. The second camera is also free to move around and get those cut aways like the one I mentioned above. In addition to smiling, crying, laughing faces, the second camera is also shooting shots with your flower arrangements in the foreground, big sweeping establishing shots with the Mts. in the background, the ring bearer fidgeting, etc.

Now that's story telling. More than that, it's the whole story... so you won't catch yourself putting your DVD away and saying, "Oh, I wish he had gotten some shots of mom and dad. I heard dad laughing all the way through your vows honey... they were hilarious." Don't worry, we'll get it.

I'll tell you a secret. I usually go even further if I can spare the camera. If I don't have two crews out that day, and I have an extra camera available to me, I tend to set up a third stationary camera which gives us even more flexibility and opportunity to do more for you. What it boils down to is, I asked you for a little more money than the next guy... I'm going to give you a lot more than the next guy. And remember, if you want to make sure of that third camera, just bring it up during our consultation and we can add it into the package for just a bit more. At that point I just want to cover the camera rental cost if I have to get another one to bring.

I hope this was helpful, and gave you a view into how we think of value. You need to want to watch your video in order for it to have value. My DVD covers do look nice on the outside, and would make a fine coaster, but it's what is inside that you will find most valuable!

Just compare our videos at to others out there, and then let me know what you think of our documentary style!

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