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Sunday, May 2, 2010

Learning from Masters

Two days ago I had lunch with with an old friend and collaborator. Ricky once shared office space with with my old boss Robert DePalma of Roma Video. I hadn't seen Ricky in probably eight years and while a lot has changed for him, one thing remains the same: he is a master of photography.

Had his first wedding of the season yesterday. My first will be on May 30th. As we chatted about the growth of our businesses, Ricky suddenly got wide eyed, "oh man, I know it's a step down, but I could really use an assistant tomorrow." Why not? Right? Why not spend the day learning from a true visual master. Ricky and I have completely different styles as one can easily see. So my thinking was, why not learn as much as I can and bring some new flavors to my upcoming season.

Ricky has already posted some of the highlights from yesterday's wedding, and I highly recommend checking them out. Tracy and Angelo... you have some lovely images to remember what was truly a fantastic day.